Your on-demand irrigation system designer and consultant

With my decade of experience, I help small to medium-sized installation businesses in the horticulture and agriculture industries by giving expert irrigation advice and hands-on assistance.

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Ways I can help you

I can help you both with immediate technical needs and long-term support.

  • Irrigation System Design

    If a grower approaches you that is after a new irrigation system or is planning to upgrade his existing system, I can help you design the system in CAD software and provide technical support during the installation process.

  • Project Management Support

    A new irrigation system is always a big investment for the grower. The system need to be installed in a set time frame and it needs to be installed right. I can help reach agreed deadlines and ensure a quality installation.

  • Digital Tool Education

    Most design software tools have tutorials on how to use them on the internet. Most of these online tutorials provide generic instructions, I tailor my teachings to be industry-specific, making them more relevant for your business.

  • Years of CAD Design Experience

  • Technical Businesses Helped

  • Years in The Horticulture Industry


Client projects I'm working on or have completed.


What other people I have worked for say.

  • Greg Somerville - Owner Think Water Marlborough

    "Daniel worked alongside my business for a number years delivering very thorough and professional design services. His irrigation systems always focused on efficiency, precision and quality practices delivery quality for the customer."

  • Ethan Alderlieste - Sales and Design Engineer

    ’’Daniel significantly improved my CAD skills through focused training in advanced techniques and efficient workflows, enhancing my precision and creativity within irrigation projects. His clear explanations and structured approach were key to mastering complex features and design principles.’’


The founder and operator of Madeway.

  • Hey, I'm Daniel van Waas

    On-demand irrigation system designer and consultant.


    At a young age, I learned to weld steel constructions and in 2012 I successfully graduated as a mechanical engineer. After that I was motivated to explore the world and had a 1.5-year-long adventure in New Zealand where I travelled and played rugby.


    In 2014 I returned to the Netherlands to go back to university to study project management. After earning my degree, I worked for an established greenhouse technology provider as a project manager and designer, where I was involved in large, high-tech irrigation projects.

    New Zealand

    Despite this being meaningful work and that life was comfortable, I knew this wasn’t “it”. I wanted to move out of the environment I grew up in, to break the rhythm and explore new things. I packed my suitcase and returned to New Zealand in 2019. It was a life reset. I lived and worked in New Zealand for 5 years and I now have a Permanent Resident Visa.

    What I'm doing now

    Now I'm back in the Netherlands, self-employed, helping small to medium-sized installation businesses in the horticulture and agriculture industries overcome technical challenges in their operations by assisting where I can to repeatedly install quality systems for their customers.


    With over 10 years of experience in project management and irrigation systems engineering, working on large six-figure projects, coupled with 16 years of expertise in CAD design software, I managed to build a strong technical foundation. Book a call and let's see if we can work together.

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