Outdoor Medicinal Cannabis Irrigation Project

Outdoor Medicinal Cannabis Irrigation Project


This client grows medicinal cannabis which has proven to be effective in symptom relief for several types of health problems which is a great cause.

The client was a new, ambitious company that was the first organic outdoor grower in New Zealand. What was cool about this project was that, because they were new, I was able to provide a lot of my own input into what equipment to use and how to lay out the drip irrigation system. A dream for every engineer.

They wanted quality equipment: automatic filtration, Netafim dripline, an advanced dosing unit out of Australia and the smart control equipment was imported out of the Netherlands.

The main challenge was the novelty of outdoor cannabis growth in New Zealand, as there were no existing case studies to guide us. Despite this, the drip irrigation system was immediately designed for 10 hectares, which isn't exactly a trial size. Therefore, it had to be designed correctly the first time. It's gratifying to see that the system is now producing strong healthy plants.

Project information

Head contractor: Think Water Marlborough

Location: Marlborough, New Zealand

System type: Drip irrigation

Area: 10 hectares

Crop: Medicinal Cannabis

My role: Irrigation system engineering, the making of installation drawings, project management, customer contact and financial project control.

Digital tools used: IRRICAD for hydraulic design and AutoCAD for installation drawings.


The dosing rack & valve manifold.
The dosing rack & valve manifold.
The filtration unit and irrigation pump.
The A & B fertilizer tanks.
The electrical equipment & Priva irrigation controller.
The outdoor field prior to planting.
Top view of the water technical area.